Bangladesh : Forest and Jungle

Bangladesh Jungles are vibrant in flora and fauna, colorful, provides adventure and at times mysterious too. Amongst all, the most notable Bangladesh Jungle Destination is The Sundarbans. The Sundarbans offer a mysterious world of Mangrove forest abound with life. A mere cruise along the crisscrossing canals of The Sundarbans allows tourists to see many endangered wildlife species. Beside this, other notable forests are the Lawachara Forest, Madhupur Garh and Rema Kalenga Forest.

The Sundarbans, World's largest Mangrove Forest is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and an Unique Bangladesh Eco-Tourism Destination. It is located at the feet of the Ganges and spread across Bangladesh and West Bengal in India. The name Sundarban translates to "beautiful forest", however, often it is suggested that the name may have derived from the 'Sundari' trees, which are abundant there. The Sundarbans is globally famous for the Royal Bengal Tiger, Misty Mangrove forests, breath taking Sundarbans scenery, Over 500 Sundarbans Animal Species including: birds, fishing cats, spotted deer, monkeys, crocodiles and snakes.